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Here we are talking about bike rides, cyclotourism, but also training courses. This is where it all begins.

The most enjoyable cycling trips and travel

Cyclotouring circuits

Discover or rediscover the most beautiful places in the French part of Switzerland, but also the Alps and the Jura …

You want to ?

  • Discover new horizons
  • Be guided and accompanied
  • Live a unique day
  • Move to your own pace
  • Have an adapted course

Discover our turnkey days or create your ideal day.

cyclotourism switzerland

Cycling trips and travel

Travel and discover the most beautiful places around Lake Geneva, and everywhere in Switzerland, but also in France through the Alps, the Pyrenees, in Italy and even in Spain

You want to ?

  • Discover or rediscover a region or a country
  • Travel during several days
  • Be guided and accompanied
  • Make the most out of your day

The RCS offers you turnkey stays or the opportunity to create your dream holiday

Our cyclotouring offers

Randonnées cyclotourisme

Cyclotouring circuits

The time of a day let yourself be guided through magnificent itineraries

Cycling holiday and trip

Cycling trips and travel

Live a unique experience on dream itineraries

Word of cyclists

"RCS cycling discoveries ... only happiness! Everytime it was all full of stars, magnificent courses and views, great advices to progress, a very well organization and very nice people to cycle with! The only issue just don't want the day to end!... For all those who will try the experience, I know you will enjoy it as much as I had."

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