Cycling expertise : power & performance test

Ruffaut Cycling System offers you two physical test sessions that will allow you to make a complete assessment of the different qualities necessary to achieve your goals.

These tests are carried out indoors (on a home trainer) or outdoors depending on your main practice for the coming months. Preferably done with your own power meter to have repeatable data during your workouts or with a meter that we can lend you for the sessions. (Can be rented for training)

Technical tests will also allow us to evaluate your technical skills, your agility, your confidence, your control and posture on the bike…

The technical aspect of cycling is often neglected in favour of the physical aspect, but it remains essential in order not to waste time and energy unnecessarily and to gain in safety.

Our analysis services


Indoor or outdoor test session, short efforts. Determine your strength/speed profile, your anaerobic alactic and lactic capacities and your maximum aerobic power.


Indoor or outdoor test session, long effort.
Determine your FTP (functional threshold power) and aerobic capacity.


Evaluate your technical skills, agility, confidence, control and posture on the bike


Power sensor rental for one or more months