Monitoring cycling training in Switzerland

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Monitoring cycling training from Switzerland

Our formulas for individualized training sessions

Programme d'entraînement clés en main


Perform physical tests, followed by a 6-month planning with content for each of your sessions

200 watts training session formula


Structure your training according to your profile and goals - individualized planning is done month by month

300 watt training sesison


Enjoy a thorough and individualized training follow-up with analysis and feedback on your sessions. Contact and adjustment possible every week

400 watts training session formula


The must have ! Weekly planning, analysis and feedback on your sessions, unlimited readjustments, nutritional advices, monitoring, analysis & work on external factors (sleep, mental), technical and tactical preparation

Details of our training sessions formulas


Price of our training session follow up

200 WATTs

149 CHF/month
135 €/month

139 CHF/month
127 €/month

300 WATTs

249 CHF/month
227 €/month

239 CHF/month
217 €/month

400 WATTs

398 CHF/month
363 €/month

399 CHF/month
353 €/month

You are in category U23? Benefit from -10% on all our formulas

Our other training sessions offers

individual training session

Individual sessions

Physical or technical preparation with a coach around Geneva

Group cycling training session

Group training

Physical or technical preparation in group with a collective emulation

behind scooter session

Behind scooter session

Intensive preparation session behind maxi-scooter in Switzerland

World of cyclists

"Loïc and Pierre are two great passionate people who put everything at the service of your progress / performance. Their follow-up is unequaled as much by the investment and the human experience that they transmit to you. Today without them, my trainings would no longer make sense! Note that thanks to them I quickly experienced a rapid progression and I was able to make sense of my outdoor trainings. They are attentive to the smallest details that can allow you to progress. Finally, I want to thank them for all the desire they put in the search for performance by keeping a more than human bond of sympathy with their client. Thank you RCS !"

Témoignage Rémy cycliste
Rémy A
Racing cyclist "Pôles ESPOIR"

"After a first year of cycling exclusively focused on cyclosportive, followed by one in Pass, I found in RCS the perfect coach to progress. They knew how to integrate my heavy professionals constraints and aim for a slow but lasting progression. I discovered a cycling approach that I like and fits me well. At RCS there is a solid cycling experience that is passed down with passion and where advices are always well-advised.Thanks to them, I have obtained my best results in FFC and cyclosportive. The coaches are very accessible, who will guide you through your short, medium or long term goals and even through your most "crazy" dreams or challenges."

Sebastien G
Racing cyclist and FFC cyclist

"Loic Ruffaut has followed me through a road cycling training since July 2017. Even though I rarely do racings in D1 / D2, I am still very much interested by cycling because the practice is reconcilable with my job. Moreover, I am attracted by the mountain challenges such as: L'étape du Tour, GF Mont Ventoux or other cyclosportive races despite the fact that my abilities and my playground are more efficient on the plain. What I particularly appreciate about Loic is his human approach to the sportsman, the attention he pays to us and the thin line there is between coach and friend. I find this a perfect balance. Loic knows how to adapt to our ambitions, even if they are slim and he adapts to the different approach of the sport we all have. In my case, these are performance and fun! The results are positively affected. In addition, we try to see each other whenever we are in a nearby area, which is very significant."

Guillaume L
Racing cyclist