Cycling training in Switzerland

Individualised training formulas

From the beginner cyclist to the competitor, we offer different training follow-up formulas allowing for meet the needs and expectations of every cyclist
Each sportsman has his own functioning, his past, his constraints, his objectives, his physical, technical and mental capacities etc.

Our role as coaches is to guide you to the best solution for your training, to provide you with a support based on analysesand monitoring of all the factors involved in your progress and your performance

Don’t train harder, train smarter !

The pillars of the
RCS method

These pillars allow us to offer you the following training methods the most suitable for your profile and objectives and ofconstantly adjust the programme and loads according to your evolution and the various hazards of life. We have a holistic approach to help you to become better on the bike of course, but also in life of every day.

Indeed, performance and training are not just about pedalling.

We advise our athletes on nutrition, mental preparation, recovery and general physical preparation.

analysis & monitoring

Listening & exchanging


sport science

Choose your training formula


Structure your training according to your profile and goals, individualised month-by-month planning

6 months

149 CHF /month

135 €/month

12 months

139 CHF /month

127 €/month


Give yourself a through and individualised training follow-up with analysis and feedback on your sessions. Dispatch, contact and adjustment possible every week

6 months

249 CHF/month

227 €/month

12 months

239 CHF/month

217 €/month


The Must ! Weekly planning, analysis and feedback on your sessions, unlimited readjustments, nutritional advice, follow-up, analysis & work on external factors (sleep, mental), technical and tactical preparation

6 months

399 CHF/month

363 €/month

12 months

389 CHF/month

353 €/month

They are coached by the RCS