Dietetic Accompaniment

Nutrition, one of the keys to your performance

Nutrition is such a vast and complex field that it is difficult to have a universal working method.

We then try to offer you the follow-up that best suits you so that you can find your cruising rhythm that will guide you towards health, well-being and performance.

Indeed, there is no ideal food model, but one that is specific to each individual…

We can offer you different approaches, from practical advice in the kitchen, to the most innovative analyses in sports science (blood sugar, blood tests, etc.) and regular motivational coaching.

We are trained to advise you in the various fields of sports nutrition. This is a real added value in our support to optimise your overall performance and help you recover better.

We also call on Valentin, Cook and Nutritionist of the RCS for the more complete approaches who will advise you on the approach that suits you (cooking, nutrition and micronutrition).

Why should you be supported on a nutritional level ?


Performance, Injury, Weight management, Digestive comfort, Pathologies...


From weekly coaching to several months of support to achieve your goals


1 knife and 1 fork

Choose your nutritional programme

Competition :

Preparing an objective
Implementation of general good practice on a daily basis
Basic advice : before, during and after exercise

performance :

Individualisation and periodisation of food intake according to your training.
– Recovery strategies
– Slimming
– Muscle gain

Health Performance :

Optimisation of performance on the basis of the most recent analysis processes (nutritional biology, real-time blood sugar, etc.).
– Micronutritional strategies
– Management of the injury
– Ergogenic strategies in competition

We focus on your daily diet.
In addition to discussing your day-to-day life, we will make links with your training programme and your sporting goals, through exchanges between RCS members.

They have optimised their nutrition with the RCS