Triathlon training in Switzerland

Training formulas
individualised triathlon

Whether you are a beginner or you want a slot for the IRONMAN World Championships (70.3 or Full), we offer different training follow-up formulas to meet the needs and expectations of each triathlete.
Each athlete has his own way of functioning, his past, his constraints, his objectives, his physical, technical and mental capacities etc…

The role of our coach is to guide you towards the best solution for your training, to provide you with support based on analysis and monitoring of all the factors involved in your progress and performance.

We adapt to
to your needs :

Prepare a season, a medium or long term objective

Qualification for the IM or 70.3 World Championships

Timing objective on an event

Become a Finisher on IM or 70.3

Progress and go beyond your limits

Structuring your practice

The pillars of the
RCS method

These pillars allow us to constantly adjust the programme and the charges according to your evolution and the various hazards of life.
We have a holistic approach to help you become better in your sport of course, but also in your everyday life.
Indeed, performance and training are not limited to swimming, cycling and running.
We advise our athletes on nutrition, mental preparation, recovery and general physical preparation
Discover below our different training formulas.





Choose your training formula


Give yourself a thorough and individualised training follow-up with analysis and feedback on your sessions. Planning done every fortnight.

6 months

289 CHF/month

270 €/month

12 months

279 CHF/month

261 €/month

high perfomance

The Must ! Weekly planning, analysis and feedback on your sessions, unlimited readjustments, nutritional advice, follow-up, analysis & optimisation of recovery, technical and tactical preparation, race briefing, nutritional strategy…

6 months

439 CHF/month

411 €/month

12 months

429 CHF/month

401 €/month

They are coached by the RCS