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Legal notice and privacy policy

Terms of sale

The treatment of your stay is provided by :

Septante-deux Septante-sept SA

VAT no. : CHE-354.624.657

5 place Bel Air – 1260 Nyon

Insurance : Axa – 132 Route de Suisse, 1290 Versoix

The Client acknowledges having been informed and having accepted the fact that the travel offers are governed by the present sales conditions. The present conditions of sale consist of :
– of the Special Conditions
of Sales (I), and
– of the General Terms
and Conditions of Sale (II),


Article 1 : Definitions

– « You », « the customer », « thebuyer » or « theuser » designates any user of the site www.ruffaut-cycling-system.com who reserves, orders and/or purchases any product or service offered by ” Septante-deux Septante-Sept SA ” whether the act of purchase is carried out on the Internet site or by e-mail contact.
– « Provider » designates any supplier of “Septante-deux Septante-Sept SA” for the products and/or services offered on the site. The term « Provider » includes suppliers, accommodation providers, hoteliers, insurance companies, other service providers and product suppliers.
Product », means a material good sold, « service » and « delivery » means a service subscribed to by the customer, accommodation services, catering products.

Article 2 – Booking

Reservations can be made either directly on our website: www.ruffaut-cycling-system.com, or by email to contact@ruffaut-cycling-system.com.
Reservations on the Site or by telephone are reserved for Users who have previously read and accepted, without reservation, the entirety of the Special and General Conditions of Sale prior to the reservation and purchase procedure.
The full acceptance of the Special and General Conditions of Sale is materialised by the electronic signature of the User, consisting of the validation of a checkbox and the communication of his/her personal and/or bank details. By express agreement, this electronic signature has the value of a handwritten signature between the parties. Without the User’s electronic signature, the order cannot be finalised. For sales by telephone and e-mail, by validating his/her reservation request with an advisor, the Buyer expressly accepts the Special and General Conditions of Sale present on the Site. In this respect, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that the details they provide at the time of booking are correct and that they will enable them to receive confirmation of their booking. In the event that the Purchaser does not receive this confirmation, it is his/her responsibility to contact “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA”.

In no case the responsibility for “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” could be retained if the Purchaser does not receive confirmation of the order because of an error of its fact in the seizure of its coordinates. The reservation becomes firm and definitive for “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” upon receipt of a deposit of 25% of the total amount of the stay and a handling fee of CHF 15 per file. The reservation commits the client to the payment of the total amount of the stay.

The availability of the service is systematically checked by “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA”. In this context, “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” reserves the right to inform the client of the unavailability of the service within a maximum of 3 days of the reservation. In this case, the customer will be offered a refund of the deposit, excluding any compensation.

Article 3 – Methods of payment

Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

Bank charges related to the payment method used shall be borne by the customer, who expressly agrees to do so. If the payment is not accepted, the booking will be automatically cancelled and the deposit already paid will be retained by the Provider.

Article 4 – Terms of payment

For all bookings made 30 days or less before departure, payment of the full amount of the stay – course – travel will be required.
More than 30 days before departure, the reservation implies the immediate payment of a deposit of at least 25% of the total amount of the stay.
The balance of the total amount of the stay must imperatively be paid by the client to “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” at the latest 30 days before the date of the beginning of the stay, except for a particular clause mentioned in the contract.
In the case of payment of the deposit by credit card, the balance will be debited automatically maximum 30 days before the start of the stay.
Sometimes the payment of the automatic balance on the bank card is refused, usually because of the spending limit. The client will receive a reminder letter, by e-mail or post, so that he/she pays, within 48 hours, the balance of his/her file by credit card over the telephone, failing which, “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” reserves the right to automatically cancel the reservation, the deposits remaining acquired. Cancellation fees will be calculated in accordance with the Special Conditions of Sale and will be claimed by any amicable or legal means.

Article 5 – Rates

Prices are indicated inclusive of tax for products (courses – stays – race trips) carried out on Swiss territory or for a client residing on Swiss territory for other services (training follow-up – individual sessions – coaching) and exclusive of tax for products sold and carried out outside Switzerland or for a client residing outside Switzerland.

Article 6 – Schedules

Arrival and departure times are specified in the presentation documents.

Article 7 – Accommodation capacity

The contract is established for a maximum capacity of accommodation, catering and accompaniment during the courses – stays – races. For any additional person, a request can be made to “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” directly by e-mail.

Article 8 – Animals

The presence of animals during the courses is strictly forbidden.

Article 9 – Respect for the premises and equipment

The client undertakes to respect the internal rules and regulations and to make peaceful use of the accommodation, equipment and materials made available during the course.

Article 10

10-1. Cancellation by the customer :
Any cancellation by the client must be notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the date of receipt of which serves as a reference for the following scale of deductions :
– cancellation more than 30 days before the beginning of the stay: 25% of the total amount of the stay – course – travel
– cancellation between 29 and 15 days before the beginning of the stay: 75% of the total amount of the stay – course – travel
– cancellation less than 15 days before the start of the stay or no-show: 100% of the total amount of the stay. In the event of non-presentation of the customer or his exclusion by “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA”, there will be no refund.

10-2. Right of withdrawal : The withdrawal period for distance selling does not apply to tourist services. Consequently, and in accordance with the legislative provisions, no request for reimbursement following a distance sale can be taken into account once the reservation has been validated.

10-3. Modification by the client: Requests for changes to files must be addressed in writing to “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA”. The acceptance of the modification by “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” results from the sending of a new contract (no correction carried directly by the customer on the contract sent by “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” will be taken into account). The modifications are in no way suspensive of the settlement conditions of the original contract. Any change in the date of the “stay – course – travel – race” or accommodation and or ancillary services requested by the client shall constitute a cancellation of the initial order (with application of the cancellation fees described in article 10-1) and registration of the new order under the conditions described above.
Upward changes will result in an amendment to the original contract indicating the additional amount that will be due.

10-4. Modification or cancellation due to a Service Provider or lack of a sufficient number of registrants : In the event that the “product – service” is modified on an essential element or cancelled by “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA”, the client will be fully reimbursed.

10-5. Cancellation for non-payment : In the event of non-payment within the contractual deadlines set out in Article 4, “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” will be obliged to cancel the reservation. This cancellation will be made under the conditions set out in Article 10.1

10-6. Interruption of the service : No refund or reduction will be granted in the event of late arrival or early departure or in the event of interruption of one of the services due to the client.

10-7. Administration costs : “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” charges a 15 CHF administration fee for each reservation. This sum is retained in the event of cancellation by the client and is not covered by the cancellation insurance.

Article 11 – Documents for “stay – internship – shopping trips”.

Once you have booked your stay and paid the balance, you will receive your presentation documents for the “stay – course – shopping trips” with all the necessary information.

Article 12 – Responsibility

“Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” is responsible for the smooth running of the stay, without however being able to be held responsible for fortuitous events, cases of force majeure, the physical condition of the participant or the actions of third parties. Nevertheless, even in these latter cases, “Septante deux Septante-sept SA” will endeavour to seek appropriate solutions to overcome any difficulties that may arise.

The Customer undertakes to comply with the applicable laws of Switzerland and of any other country where the service takes place during the lifetime of the Contract.
The photos illustrating the services are illustrative but not contractual.

Article 13 – Civil liability insurance

“Septante deux septante sept SA” has taken out Civil Liability Insurance with Axa

Article 14 – Complaint / Dispute

In the event of difficulties concerning the interpretation of these Special and General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the parties shall endeavour to resolve their differences amicably. Any persistent dispute that cannot be settled amicably between the parties shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Lausanne.

14-1. Linguistic discrepancy : In the event that the special and general terms and conditions of sale have been translated into one or more foreign languages, only the text of the special and general terms and conditions of sale drawn up in French shall be deemed authentic in the event of a discrepancy.

Article 15 Force majeur

In the event of a Force Majeur, ” Septante deux septante sept SA ” must inform the client of the impossibility of the execution of the service. If the Force Majeur is prolonged and the service cannot take place as agreed, “Seventy Two Seventy Seven SA” may offer, as far as possible, a service deemed equivalent. In the event that the client refuses the equivalent service, “Septante deux septante sept SA” is not obliged to refund.
Force majeur is understood to mean any event external to the parties of an unforeseeable and insurmountable nature which prevents either the Client, or those accompanying him, or “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” or the Service Providers involved in the realisation of the holiday, from carrying out all or part of the obligations provided for by the contract. This will be the case, for example, in the area of (d)
– strike of hotel staff, airports
– climatic, geographical, health or political conditions that could endanger the life of the Customer.

Article 16 For legal and applicable law

The Conditions of Sale are subject to Swiss law, to the exclusion of its provisions on private international law.

Any dispute arising in connection with the Terms and Conditions of Sale, its conclusion, performance or termination shall be subject to Swiss law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction being Lausanne.


The present general conditions are intended to govern the relationship between “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” (hereinafter “the Organiser”) and the participants in the sporting activities (hereinafter “the Participants”) offered by the Organiser.

Registration for the activities offered by the Organiser implies pure and simple acceptance of these general conditions by the subscriber, who undertakes to inform each of the Participants of these General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “GCS”).

Art. 1 – Stakeholders

All the activities and services offered are supervised and provided by professionals with French and/or Swiss diplomas (B.E.E.S / D.E.J.E.P.S,…) in their respective disciplines and meeting their legal obligations.

The Service Providers are also governed by independent agency agreements.

Art. 2 – Conditions of participation

Our activities are open to all; however, depending on the activity, certain conditions must be taken into account (age, current physical condition, etc.)
The Organiser does not always have the means to check the level of sports practice and the physical condition of the Participants. It is the responsibility of each Participant to have assessed his or her physical condition and level of sports practice in relation to his or her choice of services before registering for an activity.
The Participant must not have any medical contraindication to the chosen activity. IMPORTANT: If you are dependent on special medical care or treatment (asthma, diabetes, allergy, etc.) or if your state of health requires special attention (fragile joints, back problems, compulsory wearing of glasses, etc.) and you do not have a medical contraindication, you must inform the Provider of this before the start of the activity and provide the appropriate emergency medication, according to your medical recommendations.
The Provider has a safety obligation towards the Participant. Nevertheless, this is limited to an obligation of means and it is the Participant’s responsibility to strictly comply with all instructions given by the Provider before and during the activity.

Art. 3 – Exclusion

«Septante-deux Septante-sept SA

Art. 4 – Privacy Policy

For one or other of its Services, “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” is led to ask the Customer to communicate private data to it (surname, first name, telephone, mobile, e-mail address, etc.). These are archived in its databases and are used to identify the Customer as the holder of a Contract during a contact.

“Septante-deux Septante-sept SA ” implements all necessary measures to prevent access to these data, as well as their alteration or their disclosure. This information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is not sold or distributed. Under no circumstances will it be disclosed to anyone who requests it, except by Swiss court order.

The employees of “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” are subject to professional secrecy and respect the strictest confidentiality of information communicated.

The Customer acknowledges that because of his relationship with “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA”, both the latter and the Customer may have access to certain personal information. The Customer and “Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” confirm that they will take all appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of this information.

“Septante-deux Septante-sept SA” reserves the right to use the contents of its databases for its own internal communications (technical incidents, new services, etc.) to its customers.

Art. 5 – Confirmation

The Participant confirms that he/she has read the Terms and Conditions and accepts them by signing.